The global Visual Effects industry witnessed a massive boost in the past few years, Thanks to the VFX movies, television, and web series. We all have enjoyed prodigious worlds that could never exist on our Planet. We’ve definitely seen these effects in action whether in movies, commercials, or video games. 

This post is for beginners who are trying to gain some knowledge or find a career that compliments their passion for VFX movies, design, and digital art. moreover, you are the type of person who knows that engineering, medicine, commerce really isn’t your cup of tea. similarly, you also never want to wear a suit or tie to work either. However, you need some pointers to get the start and It’s also a post to share with your parents and guardians who are trying to understand what exactly the Visual Effects or VFX is. and why you are so excited about it

Sonic the Hedgehog
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The exact meaning of VFX

In short, VFX is abbreviated of Visual Effects which is a process of making an imaginary image or footage which includes manipulating or enhancing real word image or footage that has been captured with a digital camera. In other words, the imagery created, manipulated, or enhanced for any film, or other moving media shooting cannot be possible during a live shoot.

VFX is the integration between actual footage and this manipulated imagery to create realistic looking environments for the movies, advertisements, and the games. These environments created are either too dangerous to actually shoot, or world that just doesn’t exist. They use a computer and particular software to make it possible. VFX producers communicate with directors and cinematographers to determine which particular scenes require VFX.

Some Visual Effects examples

We all must have listened to some very popular Visual Effects  movies name like Jungle book and The Bahubali. Surely We all always imagine how it is possible and from where this place came from. To understand more in detail please have a look at Some latest and very popular examples of VFX in movies making videos below.

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      5. The Bahubali

What is VFX - Bahubali
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You can watch more examples videos by clicking here  

 In conclusion, now you definitely have an overview of  VFX, and what is VFX or Visual Effects exactly is. But of course, you can not learn it by simply watching movies and reading blogs. Ultimately, to become a VFX artist and break into the industry you need to learn some Softwares. That will help you in developing your abilities to get into the career.

Before learning the software, I will suggest you understand the process of film making. Because Film Making is a long process and divided into many parts. In fact, VFX is an integrated part of it. To know more about the process of film making read out our detailed blog about The process of film making.

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