At the present time, everything is possible in a movie through VFX. Whether its a Battle of humans or an attack of unknown enemies or ending up everything by just Snapping fingers. This is the magic of VFX in cinema that is possible through special effects or visual effects (VFX) artists.

Visual effects are a blend of physical and digital techniques. A VFX artist uses these techniques and adds special effects, animation, remove wire, or rig in shots.

Qualifications required to become a VFX Artist.

According to senior VFX artist and trainer Steve Wright, there is no special Qualification required to become a VFX Artist, but there are three skills that must master before entering this field. The first is to learn tools like Nuke, Maya, Max, Photoshop, and Mari.

Second, train yourself to have a good eye to create photo-realistic effects. and lastly, learn the compositing technique, which involves tasks like blue or green screen keying, tracking, and color correction, etc.

Institutes Or Universities

Various universities are offering programs in Animation and Visual effects.  also, there is some internships offer for those who have mastered the right software and have details in their eyes. Diploma in Animation or VFX and Film-making is mainstream courses which are generally preferred up by students, as well as they, are pocket friendly.

You can also do different courses in the software used. To join the VFX or Animation Diploma you must have at least a Higher Secondary or Intermediate certificate. Whether it is a student of art or science anyone can join VFX courses, also admission is not merit-based in institutes. However, admissions at the university might be merit-based.

However, some universities or Institutes offer degrees like A Bachelor of Fine Art,  (B.Sc.) in Animation, which is very expensive. We would suggest you join a diploma course according to your interest in the VFX or Animation. and a normal graduation degree would be very cost-effective and have similar values.

Some Additional Skills and VFX Artist Qualifications

Additionally,  For those who are interested in the more creative and technical roles, there are some important skills you should focus on early in your training.

The skills I’m suggesting are not related to software and technology. Those will come later when you really start digging into your training. However, a solid foundation in the following skills will help you for years to come:

  • Drawing

  • Photography

  • Passion for Film

  • Composition and light

  • Real-world observation

  • Knowledge of Computors 

  • Communication skills

Animation or VFX courses are not only recommended for joining the VFX or Movie Industry. You can also learn animation to pursue your career as a Gamer. Animation and VFX are the only way for game design because the movies are a combination of live-action elements and VFX, but live-action elements are not useful for games. Hence you can also learn Animation to become a gamer.

Please bear with us for our upcoming blog on choosing the right college or institute for you. Meanwhile, you can check our blog of The process of film making.

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