Animation video content is beneficial these days. And to make an impressive animation video, we need Animation software.

Most of the internet users watch videos. And still, people want videos on every topic or product. It’s not easy to create video content if you don’t have the budget and types of pieces of equipment. Or you are the person who feels shy in front of the camera.

You might be thinking, how can I make animations videos for free? Undoubtedly, everyone can make impressive animated videos for free in very little time. Fortunately, here we have the best free animation software you can use for your videos.

No matter if you are just making your first steps in the animation or you are already using any other software. This post will help to find the best free Animation software for everyone.

Why we need Animated videos

Every internet user can connect themselves to videos very quickly, hence every brand wants animated videos for digital marketing or social media campaigns. Furthermore, it is not just limited to the brands; some of us can also make videos for our personal use, and below we are mentioning some of them.

For Business

Explainer Video
Business Video
Video Presentation
Marketing Video
Corporate Video
Slideshow Video
Facebook Video
Instagram Video
Youtube Video

For Work

Resume Video
Intro Video
Outro Video
Text Animation
Logo Animation
Promo Video
Video Marketing
Youtube Intro
Commercial Video

Everything else

Lyric Video
Music Video
Doodle Video
Invitation Video
Video Scribbling
Photo Video
Social Video
Friendship VideoAdvertisement Video

Free Apps For Making Animated Videos

Toontastic 3D, Google’s free animation app for Android, Basically it is for teenagers, but brands can also use it to produce basic animated videos. In Tontastic, You can design your character from scratch or bass it on any image. An excellent android app for videos.

If you’re looking for more control and flexibility, Toontastic isn’t the most suitable option for you. It is best for those who are entirely new to animated videos.

FlipaClip is another best android app for animation videos to share directly on popular online platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and many others. FlipaClip is a Powerful and fun animation app that makes frame-by-frame animation very easy.

FlipaClip adequately packs with everything you need to begin animating. Draw cartoons with frame-by-frame, add audio, and share your animated videos.

Web Browser-Based Best Free Animation Software

Animaker is a web browser-based best DIY free animation software for beginners. Any user can create a video with easy drag-and-drop functionality. It has all the flexibility to make any video, and it has an extensive list of unique features. Besides animation videos, Animaker is very helpful in GIF & Short video making and offers live video editing.

With Animaker, you can create 2D, Typography, Whiteboard, Handcraft, or Infographics videos.


  • It has horizontal and vertical video layouts.
  • Excellent options for animation like multi-move, camera in and out, transition effects, enter or exit effects, live editing, and many others.
  • Support Audio features like voice recording, background music tracks, text-to-speech, sound effects, additionally, the option to import your sounds.
  • Inbuilt library of per-designed templates, maps, icons, or charts.
  • It supports full HD video.


  • Free – $0 with watermark
  • Starter– $19 p/m
  • Pro – $39 p/m 
  • Enterprise – You can contact them for more details on their site.

Moovly is modern online web browser-based animation software for creating animated videos for everyone. With Moovly you can create video presentations, advertising, or explainer videos, social media videos, whiteboard videos, and many more. The software is ideal for users of all types, as well as large and small enterprises. Easy to work with, Moovly stores a massive library of templates and images, video, and audio files to start.

Moovly also offers services if you have any specific requirements for your videos.


  • Convenient drag-and-drop options
  • Direct sharing and download/upload option available
  • Well Equipped with a library of templates, images, video clips, and sound files


  • Free –with watermark
  • Pro – $24.92 p/m
  • Enterprise – As per requirement

Wideo is a unique web browser-based animation software. With Wideo, you can produce explainer videos, data videos, promotional videos, animated presentations, videos for e-commerce, business, real estate, and many more. Previous experience in animation and editing is also not required to use Wideo. You can create professional animated videos with drag and drop interface to capture and engage your audience without spending a lot of money and time.

Have a looks at the beneficial lessons for beginners that explain the basics of working with the tool provided by the Wideo team here.


  • Straightforward user interface
  • A vast library of assets like objects, shapes, and backgrounds
  • Upload images and media to use in projects
  • Create videos from scratch or edit any per-made template according to your need.


  • Free –7 Days with watermark
  • Basic– $19 p/m
  • Pro – $39 p/m
  • Enterprise – $79 p/m

Best Animation Software

Adobe Character Animator is one of the latest Animation software of adobe and powerful software and runs on Windows and Mac. It supports real-time and fast cartoon characters animation experience, and its very user friendly.

Moreover, this free animation software detects facial expressions and voice to animate the characters. It means you can use Cam and MIC and create some fresh animation videos or marketing videos. However, if you wish to animate the character manually, you can do that by importing your style (noun as a puppet) designed for animation.


  • This software offers Real-time animation and live streaming support and automatic lip-syncing and animation of facial features like mouth or eyes.
  • You can Import any art from Illustrator and Photoshop or start with Pre-Built in character templates.
  • Create a moment with key-frames and set your character in motion.
  • Animation of legs and arms and heads with keyboard or MIDI device saves any movements as a button is more comfortable to remember.


  • Free – 7 days Trial
  • Individuals– Creative Cloud All Apps – $52.99/month billed annually
  • Students and teachers – $19.99/month billed annually
  • Teams – From $33.99/month billed annually.

OpenToonz is opensource software. Specifically developed for producing 2D animation videos. It is highly accessible by both professionals and amateur animators, making it easy for software to grasp you.

OpenTonz is entirely free to use commercial and non-commercial as it is open-source software.


  • it is available as an open-source so that anyone can modify its source code freely according to their necessities.
  • offers vector and bitmap drawing tools as well as quick paint and color changing.
  • Animate frame by frame or combine your animation with any video.
  • Particle systems and compositing options available for rain, dust, smoke and alike effects


  • Free

Blender is a 3D open-source software that can do professional work. It supports the entire 3D pipeline, such as modeling, sculpting, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, motion or objecting tracking, compositing, and editing.

Additionally, Blender offers a game engine that allows users to create 3D games.


  • Blender is capable of performing rendering using a graphics card rather than the CPU, a GPU rendering feature. As a result, speeds up the rendering.
  • Blender has animation tools and features that are very useful for creating films as well as games.
  • It has built-in node-based compositing tools to perform color grading and multi-layer OpenEXR compositing..
  • Among the other, Blender fully capable of scripting, Blender offers extensions that users can activate to obtain more functionalities via Python.


  • Blender is open-source software. You can freely use it for educational or commercial. Furthermore, it can be distributed free of cost. However, the software provider offers enterprise pricing services and subscriptions for artists and small teams who want to access its open production platform such as Blender Cloud. Besides, subscriptions for Blender Cloud can be renewed manually or automatically on an $11.50/monthly, $32/quarterly, or $119/yearly basis.

Are you ready to share your animation videos?

We hope you found this post informative for you, with this list of animation software for everyone. The important point is every software offer free versions or trials. So, you can try and use it before you make any purchases.

Should we include any other software? It will be engaging if you share your favorite software with us in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share the video link produced by the above software in the comments.

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