Some people may feel 2D and 3D by looking at an image and video. But it is very difficult for them to understand what 2D and 3D are. So here we are to make it very simple for you.

Most of the 90’s kids have grown up by watching 2d animation shows, like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, etc.

In fact, some of those in childhood would have been beaten up for watching these shows. They all not only used to be very happy by watching these shows. Rather the characters of these shows were one of their best friends.

But now time got changed. Now we can watch many shows which are in the 3D animation. Like The Lion King, Coco, Cars, and many more.

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What is the main Differences in 2D and 3D

The main noticeable difference in 2D or 3D is the roundness and the length of an object or any character.

In fact in our real-life whatever we watch its a 3D. Like a ball, pen, or anything which has roundness.

To make it more clear please have a look at the side by side image of the movie The lion king.

The Lion King
Image Source | Google Images
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Since the 1994 lion king was a 2d animation movie, you can see the there were not proper details. Even you cant feel the distance between Simba’s face and shoulder. It is a classic example of 2D animation.

On the other side in 2019, The Lion King movie is a 3D animation movie. And Simba and all other characters have been created in 3D. so the character has ample details and you can feel every detail. This is the best example of 3D animation.

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Process of making 2D and 3D :

There are lots of differences in making the process of 2d and 3D. But below is two main differences:

  1. In 2D animation, the object has two(X, Y) dimensional, but in 3D animation, It has all the dimensional (X, Y, and Z).
  2. 2D animation is the best example of the traditional drawing method. Each move of the character has to be created frame by frame. with hand-drawing. It also called a cell-animation method.
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More Examples of 2D animation films:

More Examples of 3D animation films:

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How to Become an Animator?

You can go to a school or learn 2D or 3D animation by watching tutorials. You can learn almost all the animation software in a couple of weeks, but it could take a few years for you to become an animator.

Other than that, the animation is a process of creating a 3d object or character. another process is also involved to get photo-realistic results. To know more about all the process, read out our blog Key departments.

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Careers In 2D and 3D Animation:

Whether it’s a 2D and 3D Animator, they are in high demand because of the movies and entertainment industry.

Moreover, nowadays 3d Animator’s demands are very high in the gaming industry. Because everyone loves to play games in high detail. Which is only possible in 3D because of advanced animation techniques. So a  3d animator can choose either movie or gaming industry to build their career.

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